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International Students

Who should Apply

INBI welcomes project students from France and Germany. Arrangements can be made, funds permitting, for students from France, Germany and the universities listed on Our goal is to secure funding to provide short-term research opportunities of undergraduate and postgraduates from the third world, particularly our neighbours in and around the Pacific. At this time, the Centre cannot provide stipends (per diems) or contribute to travel, accommodation costs or fees. On a case-by-case basis, the Centre may be able to provide support for research costs.

How to Apply

  1. Contact the Director of the Centre ( who can advise you on the ability of the Institute to support your project. In this first contact,. provide a brief description of why you want to work at the Institute and the type of research you plan to do (eg, molecular biology, social science etc.).
  2. Provide the Director with the names and contact details, including email addresses, of two referees from your university.
  3. Upon confirmation of a place at the Institute, you will need to make application for enrolment at the University of Canterbury. The Institute cannot support project students who do not enroll. Usually, students enroll for a COP.
  4. Apply for a student VISA to enter New Zealand (this may be done after arriving in New Zealand, but it is recommended that you apply before leaving your country).
  5. When you arrive at the University of Canterbury, the Department in which you work can apply for a scholarship to cover your domestic fees. (The agreements between the New Zealand and both France and Germany allow French and German students to study in New Zealand under the same fee structure as New Zealand students. Relief from these fees is normal, but not guaranteed.)

Need More Help?

You can contact the International Students Office at any time to assist you with applications, scholarships, VISA and accommodation needs. Write to them at

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